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Tarot Cups Stitchalong

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This listing is for the Witch's Garden Crafts Cups Stitchalong that will occur from April 1, 2023 until November 30, 2023. This cross stitch Cups Stitchalong features all 14 cards of the Cups suit of the tarot (minor arcana). This stitchalong includes the following elements:

  • PDF cross pattern for stitched frame to contain all 14 cups card cross stitch pattern
  • Two cross stitch cups card PDF patterns per month beginning May 1 through November 1 (total of 14 card patterns)
  • Access to the Tarot Stitchalong group on Facebook ( In this group, you can share your progress on the stitchalong, post pictures of your stitching, get help and advice from experienced stitchers, and gain access to additional tarot card patterns created by other members who may share them within the group. Witch's Garden Crafts will also host regular contests and tarot discussion topics.

The PDF patterns include the following elements:

  • Full-color mock-up of the pattern
  • Black and white and full color versions of the pattern in large print and 1-page versions
  • Floss guide (shows the amount of floss needed to stitch this design using 2 strands of floss on 14-count aida; if you choose an alternative method of stitching the calculations will not be completely accurate).
  • Cross stitch guide for beginner cross stitchers
  • Pattern keeper friendly versions of all patterns are provided

You must provide an active email address at time of sign-up to receive the card patterns; if this email becomes non-functional, you may not receive the card patterns. The Cups Stitchalong features a delicately detailed frame for the 14 Cups Suit cards of the tarot (beautifully stitched by Tanya Emmert!). Fabric specifically dyed and cut for the stitchalong is available at

In this listing you will receive:

  • Cups Stitchalong Welcome Sheet
  • Cups Stitchalong Frame Large Print Version in black & white and full color (released April 1, 2023)
  • Cups Stitchalong Frame 1 Page Version in black & white and full color (released April 1, 2023)
  • Cups Stitchalong Frame Pattern Keeper version (released April 1, 2023)
  • 14 patterns for the Cups suit tarot cards, released from May 1 - November 1, 2023
  • Basic cross stitch instructions

By signing up for the Cups Stitchalong via this listing, you are automatically signed up to receive the 14 tarot card patterns, which will be released on a monthly basis (2 per month) beginning May 1.

Legal disclaimers:

  • This listing is ONLY for the PDF patterns for this project. Participants in this stitchalong are responsible for their own supplies and materials.
  • All rights are reserved pending registered copyright by Witch's Garden Crafts (2023) and are non-transferrable. Do not resell, share, disseminate or distribute these patterns. Your order will be marked with your name and a unique user number and I will enforce this copyright. Posting these patterns online or reselling them will result in legal action.
  • Access to the Tarot Stitchalong Facebook group may be revoked at any time if you fail to comply with the rules of the group, which are clearly posted within the group and which you consent to follow when you join the group.
  • In order to receive the card patterns, you must provide a working email. Card patterns will be emailed to you monthly. By participating in this stitchalong, you consent to receive monthly emails from Witch's Garden Crafts that will include the monthly card patterns and information about Witch's Garden Crafts sales/promotions. If at any point you wish to opt out of receiving these emails, you may do so by replying to Witch's Garden Crafts. However, by opting out of emails, you may not receive future emailed patterns.
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Tarot Stitchalong - A cross-stitching group activity to stitch the Major Arcana cards beginning January 1!

Full Cups Tarot Stitchalong Frame Pattern
$20 value
14 Cups card patterns
Access to Tarot Stitchalong Group
Two mini card shaped frames for individual cards
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Tarot Cups Stitchalong

7 ratings
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